CreativeOBD - Our beginning starts here!

CreativeOBD was born when I first entered the automotive market in 2014. After children came along, turning it into an established business became a challenge, with limited time, so it was put on hold till January 2021. Right in the midst of a global pandemic, house move and new relationship, I had the perfect opportunity to focus on my future career goals. So when lockdown hit, and I had many empty evenings, confined to the house, from here, started the rebirth of CreativeOBD.

Starting off as a side-line business, in a small bedroom of my house, alongside working full time as a design engineer, it soon turned into a thriving business. I created my first website, and applied my IT background and engineering experience including designing circuit boards, crimping and soldering, to build my first set of cables. 

Before too long, as my reputation increased, the demand for my automotive custom cables grew. I started advertising on EBay, posting on Facebook and offering a wider range of cables.

My partner Helen, decided to join me full time, taking on the role of Head of Administration. She took on the rapidly growing Ebay store, and we both decided it was time to go in search for a business premises. We managed to secure a good sized unit on a local industrial estate in Winsford in October 2021. Meridian House has given us the much needed space to expand and to drive the business forward. 

Now, one year on, we are both amazed at how fast it has grown in such a small space of time shipping our cables all across the globe. We are passionate about what we do, and strive to deliver the best quality cables to our valued customers, using the finest wire, with attention to detail going into each individual order.

Recently we have invested in new machinery to speed up our cable building processes. We are also account holders for a DHL Express, UPS and most recently Fedex, offering our customers a wider choice of shipping methods to suit all budgets. 

We would like to thank all our wonderful customers both old and new, for your custom, positive feedback, loyalty and for spreading the news about our business. We aim to continually progress and strive for excellence in our products and services. 

With Thanks

Ivan and Helen

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