Custom Cable Markers

3.2mm Heat Shrink Sleeves.JPG
  • Do you need any custom cable markers?
  • All Text is customizable
  • Make your cables easier to use 
  • Look professional and save time
  • Can be ordered in additional coloured Sleeving.*
  • Length and diameter can be customized.*  
We offer a bespoke cable marker service to customer specifications. 

Where limited space is an issue and traditional identification markers are insufficient, CreativeOBD has the latest printing machines to supply printed heat shrink end markers/harness part number labels, for a low profile, fast and efficient custom heat shrink tubing solution.

Heat shrink tubing can be supplied as individual printed pieces, or as a linear partially cut option, whereby the operator simply removes each identification marker with a gentle pull.  Both options can be viewed in the above image and can be tailored to suit the required application.

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* For larger orders with different sized shrink sleeves, there will be a minimum order quantity (MOQ).

Extended Lead time to enable us to order the appropriate sleeving.