This is a yellow colour pincer clip with 4mm female banana jack (socket). It is used to grasp conductive parts safely to measure voltages, general-purpose electric and electronic testing, controlling and measuring. It has electrical safety according to EN/IEC 61010-031:2008. 1000V CAT II, reinforced insulation, 6A (at +40°C). With the flat end of the stem and shape of clip, various target items can be clenched and electrical contact is reliable.

  • Nickel coated steel, steel, and brass conductor material
  • Overall length is 162mm
  • 95mm of flexible stem and opening up to 4mm
  • Overall height is 39mm, overall width is 15mm
  • Operating temperature range from -20°C to +80°C
  • Pollution degree 1 or 2
  • European union marking, hand stop barrier marking, voltage marking, and current marking on the lead

Pincer Clip Probe - 4mm connector