Designed For Scanmatik 2 Pro and PCMFlash

Scanmatik 2 Pro Compatible bench flashing cable, designed for use with PCMFlash software Module 71 (Bench Mode), more affordable option for those who don't require the BOOT section of the cable.


Superior components

Components all sourced from reputable electronics bluechip companies in the UK. Superior automotive connectors have been specifically chosen for this application.



Reverse polarity protection with high-quality components.


  • Cable Markers make selecting cables easy without needing to refer to a colour chart.
  • 2 LED indicators showing Main power, ECU power.
  • L-Line Control enabling automatic ECU power switching controlled by the Scanmatic 2 Pro device and PCMFlash software.


•                 Red - 12V+

•                 Black - GND

•                 White - CAN H

•                 Green - CAN L

•                 Green-Yellow - K-Line

•                 Yellow - GPT1 

•                 Orange - GPT2 


Scanmatik COBD Bench Cable