Designed For Scanmatik 2 Pro and PCMFlash

Scanmatik 2 Pro Compatible bench flashing cable, designed for use with PCMFlash software Modules 53 & 71


Also compatible with BitBox MG1 and MD1 Bench module


Superior components

High-Quality components all sourced from reputable electronics blue-chip companies in the UK. Superior automotive connectors have been specifically chosen for this application.



Reverse polarity protection with high-quality components.


  • Cable Markers make selecting cables easy without needing to refer to a colour chart


  • 3 LED indicators showing Main power, ECU power and Boot/ Config selection.


  • L-Line Control enabling automatic ECU power switching controlled by the Scanmatic 2 Pro device and PCMFlash software.


  • Automatic generation of BOOT & CNF Signals (for PCMFlash Module 71 )


•                 Red - 12V+

•                 Black - GND

•                 White - CAN H

•                 Green - CAN L

•                 Pink - K-Line

•                 Yellow - GPT1 

•                 Orange - GPT2 

•                 Purple - VPP+ 

•                 Blue - CNF1 (1K Ohm)

•                 Grey - BOOT1 (1K Ohm)

•                 Brown - BOOT2 (1K Ohm)

Scanmatik COBD Full Boot Cable