Scanmatic 2 PRO (Standard set)

A professional multibrand auto scanner designed for diagnostics of electronic control systems of modern cars. Works with a personal computer, tablet, or smartphone, programs for Windows and Android included.

When installing the driver (included in the kit), it works with third-party diagnostic software made for SAE J2534 and RP1210 standards, as well as bootloaders, applying programming enable voltages to various pins of the diagnostic connector.

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  • interfaces for communication with a PC (Tablet, Smartphone) - USB or Bluetooth

  • Supply voltage: 5 ... 36V from vehicle electrical system or USB (galvanic isolation together with power supply)

  • Consumption current, no more than 350mA

  • Internal switching power supplies of our own design (no heating + wide input voltage range from 5 to 55V)

  • Power surge protection "Load-Dump" (when the generator is turned off while the motor is running)

  • Supported data buses:

    • 13 x ISO-9141 / ISO-14230 (K-LINE)

    • 1 x J1850VPW

    • 1 x J1850PWM

    • 4 x CAN

    • 1 x Single Wire CAN

  • Built-in multiplexer for switching diagnostic lines

  • Widest support for J2534-1 / 2 standards

  • Programming voltage supply (5-24V) - to the OBD2 connector legs: 6, 8, 11, 12, 13, 14

  • AUX programming voltage output (need optional  OBD2 + Aux cable )

  • Bluetooth range, not less: 10m (Class 2)

  • Adapter dimensions (L x W x H), no more: 97x75x22mm

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